Atmospheric Research

Sounding rockets can be used to make in-situ measurements of physical properties in the middle and upper atmosphere. These are usually meteorological and aerological measurements, such as air pressure, temperature or wind speed.

However, it is also possible to measure electrical properties of the ionosphere or identify nanoparticles or tiny structures in order to understand certain phenomena in the atmosphere.

Example Projects

  • ECOMA (Nike-Imp.Orion)
  • ROMA-Svalrak (Imp.Orion)
  • MIDAS (Imp.Orion)
  • TURBO (Nike-Orion)
  • ROMA, TRAMP, PORTA (Falling spheres, chaff clouds)


MORABA Involvement

  • Sounding rocket (engine, payload modules, AIT)
  • Telemetry system
  • Recovery system
  • Launch activities – operation of mobile ground control