The basic requirement for MORABA equipment is that everything must be mobile and suitable for transportation to difficult-to-access points of the Earth. Therefore, all the parts of the equipment must fit in standardised 20-foot containers or be transportable on wheels. The existing devices can be used to set up a launch pad for sounding rockets or balloons essentially in any spot in the world. A typical time frame for set-up is around two weeks.

Ground segment

  • Launch devices for rockets and balloons
  • Radar tracking stations for trajectory tracking
  • Telecommand/telemetry stations with a number of possible special configurations
  • Additional infrastructure

Flight segment with various rocket motors and payload systems

  • Rockets
  • Telemetry and telecommand systems
  • TV systems for transmission of images during the flight
  • Systems for attitude and rate control
  • Landing and recovery systems for water and land

Launch sites used by MORABA– worldwide

Recovery of payload for REXUS-8