Rocket Systems

The Rocket Motors S30, S31 and S50 as well as the vehicles consisting of these motors are developed and operated together with 

  • our Brazilian cooperation partners of the Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE) at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DCTA),
  • as well as the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).


The rocket motors are produced by IAE’s facilities near Sao Jose dos Campos and made available to MORABA for launches world wide.

Formerly used Rocket Systems

  • Super Loki
  • Viper IIIA Dart / Chaff
  • Nike / Imp. Orion
  • Taurus / Imp. Orion
  • Skylark 7
  • Black Brant V, X, XI, XII
  • VS-43
  • Castor IVB